CIMPTMP students come from across the United States and throughout the world, representing diverse perspectives, experiences, backgrounds and cultures.  Certificates, Diploma’s and postgraduates applicants are admitted on a need basis, and the Institute offers substantial financial aid to help families manage the costs. Once here, CIMPTMP students discover extraordinary freedom of opportunity — to explore, to collaborate and to challenge themselves.

Apply and Sign up

When you find a course of study that meets your needs, the next step is to apply and enroll. Learn more about general requirements for certificates, Diploma’s and postgraduate Diploma’s visit the page of the program of your choice for specific admissions requirements and enrollment processes.

Admissions into our different programs are now available, click on available programs to view some of our professional courses.

Registration for June Professional examination diet ends on the 15th day of May every year, while December professional examination diet ends on the 15th day of November every year. While registration and enrollment for Certificates, Diploma’s and postgraduate Diplomas are available on February, May, August and November of every year. Examinations results are always released between two and three weeks after Examinations.



Student Registration Procedure

Every intending professional student for membership examination and student for Certificates, Advanced Diploma’s and postgraduates’ programs must first of all obtain and fill our online Application Form.

Application form can be filled online, download on our website or can be obtained from any of our Approved registered centers or accredited training Academy.


All completed application form (for those downloading), should be scan to

Proceeds to make your payment for your application form and waits for approval of your application (via your email address). After receiving your approval, resolve any Academic conditions and effect Payment of Registration Fee and acceptance fee ($200.00 US Dollars or its equivalent depending on your Country of residence).  While those for professional membership examinations are to pay $100 US Dollars or its equivalent.

Upon receipt of the above payment, a receipt and provisional offer (Admission Letter) will be issued to you. Students are to print their Letter of Admission. The printed admission letter is the requirement for acceptance at any of our approved study centers and accredited training schools in any country.

For further enquiries, contact




CIMPTMP offers the kind of education and professional Development needed for leadership in a rapidly changing world. Its offer a breadth of highly regarded Advanced Certificates and Diploma’s programs that allow students the freedom to explore their intellectual and personal passions.

We welcome applications from mature students and people with non-traditional qualifications. A lack of formal qualifications does not need to be a barrier to continuing your professional studies/certifications.

You may also be interested in our foundation Professional programme which is a multi-disciplinary course that prepares students who do not satisfy the traditional entry requirement for a chartered Institute or University degree.  We also welcome your application if you wish to study part-time.

Students in locations where there is no study center at the moment can receive their lecture through E-LERNING. The institute can also arrange immediate study center for students in those locations.



Check back soon..



All students enrolled in courses offered by the CIMPTMP Center for Professional Development are required to adhere to the  CIMPTMP Honor Code and to be acquainted with and adhere to policies and deadlines as they apply to their chosen education and professional  path: Certificates, postgraduate courses (individual courses for credit or audit), or professional courses.

Chartered Institute of Marine, Port and Terminal Management Professionals (CIMPTMP) Center for Professional Development reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. 





Only apply for exemptions if you think you are entitled to them based on your qualifications and  experiences.

All completed form should be scan back to  with your current CV





Awareness and adherence to deadlines have financial, professional and academic implications for your success at CIMPTMP. Certificates, professional Diploma’s and professional Postgraduates students need to comply with deadlines for filing study lists, enrolling, adding, dropping, or withdrawing from courses, settling financial obligations to avoid late fees, submitting forms such as a leave of absence and for selecting and submitting an exam monitor.

Students in professional courses need to be aware of deadlines to receive early registration discounts for courses held at CIMPTMP and for dropping or transferring courses. All international workshop training must be book between one to two months before training date as we always have limited space.

All chartered members are required to pay their annual subscription and yearly renewal on or before January 31 of every year. Non-payment for annual subscription results in cancellation of membership, member privileges and removal of name from the Institute register. If CIMPTMP membership is cancelled the certificate must be returned to our administrative office.

Most specific deadlines for each quarter may be found in the Academic/professional training Calendar.


Special Professional Education Courses

A one-time $500 fee is assessed for your first enrollment in a course contributing to the following professional certificates, professional Diploma’s and professional postgraduate programs:

  • International Maritime Law
  • Marine ,Port & Terminal Training and Development
  • Advanced Ship operations and management
  • Decision and Risk Management
  • Advanced Dry cargo chartering
  • Maritime Management and Leadership
  • Maritime Environmental Management
  • Marine Accident Investigation
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Marine insurance
  • Warehouse Management


Upon completion of each professional course, you will receive via email a certified pdf that contains your course history and also a hard copy will be send to you. This fee covers life-time access to this Record of Completion, which can be requested at any time, on an as-needed basis. The Record of Completion is proof of course completion and can be used for reimbursement.  Once you have completed all requirements for the certificate, you will be mailed a hard copy of the certificate.

Professional course pricing varies depending on the length of the course, materials provided, and whether or not there is a lab or group project, or if the course is part of a certificate program. For more detailed pricing and available discounts, visit the course and/or certificate description.


Online Courses – tuition includes 90-day access to course content, as well as email contact with a course instructor. Materials are available for download via the course homepage which you will receive an access. Courses may start at any time and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tuition rates range from $1500 per course to $2800 per course, depending on the program.


Classroom Courses: Courses at CIMPTMP- tuition includes live classroom instruction, course materials, continental breakfasts, lunches and an opening night reception. When available, 45-day access to the online version of each course is also included. Hotel and transportation are not included. Please visit the Lodging Guide for hotel listings and price ranges. CIMPTMP Visitor Information is also a great source. Tuition is $2,800 per course. Discounts are available.



Professional Education Document Fee: A one-time fee of $500 is charged upon enrollment in your first course associated with a professional certificates, Diploma’s and Postgraduates program. This fee covers life-time access to your Record of Completion (certified PDF), which may be requested at any time.



Once you’ve decided to pursue our CIMPTMP or CPD Certifications, which is equivalent to MBA in any recognized Business School or Maritime University, you deserve far more than a degree. Chartered Institute of Marine, Port and Terminal Management professional’s experience – rooted in excellence, fueled by professionalism and community – will help prepare you for the rest of your life as a Chartered Marine Professional  and Port/terminal   Professional Administrator which you can function effectively anywhere in the world.

The assessment weighting is 35 percent by assignment and 65 percent by examination. Exemptions are also giving to professionals’ with over 5 years practicing /working experience.

This is simply one of the most academically and professional rigorous programs at any business school and chartered professional body anywhere. Our focus on fundamentals balances theory and practice and innovations. You’ll learn leadership, teamwork, professionalism, decision making and how to capitalize on change in a changing world. Your duration on our programs will be entrepreneurial, global, professionalism and hands-on.